Why did you decide to partner with Aperçu on a sunglasses capsule?

I literally will not leave the house without sunglasses and I like to wear a different pair every day. I think wearing cool sunnies just makes me feel like my outfits are more complete and it’s also a fun way to play with fashion. Sunglasses are by far my fave accessories and so it felt like the most natural thing to work on a design. I like creating, I like staying productive and I get inspired by learning from people that do the same and more.

Design Direction

How did the design come about?

I love wearing super structured, clean, linear and rectangular-shaped sunglasses so I literally pull together a bunch of images (mostly of Bella Hadid’s outfits!) her sleek, minimal look reflects exactly my style and that's pretty much how I realized it had to be a minimal rectangle. I mostly wear black sunglasses but I liked the idea of a white pair as well with darker lenses and the other colors are inspired by the colors you see in Italy in the summer. This color palette is nostalgic to me, in a good way of course.

Styling Tips

Are there special details about your design that are meaningful to you?

I like the idea that anyone can wear whatever they want no matter what their sexual orientation, nationality, age, gender are and I really like to apply this concept to everything in life, not just fashion and clothes, but the way we are with each other should be always be based on respect for one another and for what other peoples choices in life are. My goal is to promote respect, love, and a playfulness that we should all feel when it comes to fashion.