What I wanted to accomplish when designing the sunglasses was a universal cat-eye. I’m a huge fan of the accessory, however, I didn’t have any sunglasses with the cay-eye shape in my collection. Whenever I tried on a cat-eye, they were either too feminine or the shape wasn’t right for my face. "The Stray" is the shortened version from stray cat. They're sunglasses that everyone can wear and love!


I never understood the idea of gender assigned clothing. The idea of separating “the men’s section” from “the women’s section” seems very outdated to me. I've always thought people should wear whatever they feel comfortable and most like themselves in. Ever since I was old enough to shop for myself, I would always look around the entire store no matter the section because I never knew what I could come across that would work for me. I encourage everyone to try that out. You might come across a t-shirt that fits better or pants that have a more fun print. Erase the idea of "this is meant for this gender” out of your mind.

Design Direction

When shooting the collection, I wanted to capture the essence of Summer. Ice cream, beach days, bodega runs, etc. I just want to have fun with everything I do in life and I wanted to showcase the Moore x Aperçu line within everyday situations because I hope to see people out and about wearing them within everyday occasions.