We partner with the designers, artists and entrepreneurs we admire to create their own custom sunglasses. Our experience provides exclusive access to the luxury eyewear business which has been historically impossible for individuals and smaller brands to enter. We help navigate the necessary next steps to extend our partners' personal brands by providing a powerful and highly visible tool destined to resonate with their audience – limited edition luxury sunglasses.

Our approach to collaboration is simple: we tailor our efforts to our partners' schedule and preferences, making it easy for them to create their own exclusive sunglass styles. Our process allows for personalization of every element from construction, materials, and design details to packaging and overall brand experience. 

We seek to collaborate and build long-term relationships with partners who champion diversity, natural beauty, and the power of self-expression. Please email us at hello@aperçueyewear.com if you are interested in learning more about the possibilities for creative partnership.