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Laurence Fortin-Côté

GLITTER FOLIE / $111.20 (reg. $139)

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Marie Jedig

VOYAGE in Honey / $111.20 (reg. $139)

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We believe quality is the definition of true luxury.

There’s a satisfaction that comes from holding a high quality product in your hand – when you grasp our sunglasses, that feeling abounds. Our frames are handmade using exclusively Italian cellulose acetate and the finest CR-39 lenses with full spectrum protection.

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We champion the power of self-expression.

We are inspired by individuals whose personal style speaks without words. To nurture this passion we partner with the creatives we admire to bring their original expression in sunwear to life.

Laurence Fortin-Côté

Trained designer and fashion influencer based in Toronto, Laurence is passionate about everything vintage and an advocate for classic, timeless style.

“It’s not about the trends, but rather about adapting classic pieces taken from different eras and making them relevant again today.” – Laurence

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Marie Jedig

Marie Jedig is a Danish influencer with a distinctively playful and eclectic personal style. Marie started her blog over 10 years ago to create a community around her passion for aesthetics and storytelling through fashion.

“Sunlight, summertime and holidays are an ideal setup for creating joyful memories. Sunglasses are a fundamental part of those moments for me.”
– Marie

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Aperçu Essentials Collection


The round / $103.20 (reg. $129)

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The square / $103.20 (reg. $129)

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The cat / $103.20 (reg. $129)

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