Christina x APERÇU


“I wanted to do some sort of cat eye, both because I think it suits most face shapes, and because it has a certain timelessness to it. As far as the color palette, I knew I wanted a few variations of black to encapsulate different moods. These sunnies look best when paired with: a black cape, jeans and a white t-shirt, menswear, Victorian lingerie, a trench coat, and a devilish smile.”

A black for all occasions

Plath: for typewriting tear-stained letters that will, inevitably, never be sent.

Nicks: for the one who is passionate about both wearing sunglasses at night and being able to see.

Deneuve: for a femme fatale, a mysterious woman, or a poker player.

Sedgwick: for a 60s Modernist who may or may not lack the ability to make a decision regarding just about anything.

Best worn while

Wearing SPF, drinking wine by candlelight, yearning, picnicking in the graveyard, enjoying pommes frites, sending love letters via pigeon carrier, listening to 70s music on the record player, wearing a nightgown to the grocery store, polishing silver, drinking cold brew at the thrift, practicing the piano, summoning autumn, or simply doing whatever you love to do best.