I never leave the house without sunnies. I think sunglasses say a lot about a person. To me, they’re a chef's kiss for every look! The idea for this new 02 silhouette was to create a pair that compliments my original bolder/edgier design. With both silhouettes in your collection, you can easily style them for all occasions.

Design Direction

I think the new 02 silhouette is softer than my first shape, it’s totally effortless, more unisex, and very versatile. Something I have noticed along the way is that it’s interesting how sunglasses can have similar shades of frame and lenses, but they feel completely different on your face.

Styling Tips

I think the 02 is a great pair to style with an everyday look— it doesn’t need a lot. For example; jeans, a button-down shirt and a loafer. You can style them up, but also easily down. It’s a very versatile silhouette to mix & match with everyday looks.