Aperçu draws its name from the French verb APERÇEVOIR, to perceive. It signifies a flash of insight, a quick glimpse into the way we observe the world around us and draw from it.

Our brand was borne of the idea that we each have a singular point of view. It’s an appreciation of how we apply our own aperçu, or insight, through the highly individual style choices we make each day.

We believe—above all else—in the power of self-expression.

We take cues from modern French style, with a focus on classic silhouettes, a mix of diverse influences, and an emphasis on effortless modern chic. Our foundation begins with our three essential frame shapes: Le Rond, Le Carré and Le Chat.

Each silhouette is thoughtfully designed with clean lines and subtle detailing to be simply elegant as well as easy to wear across face shapes and looks.

The heart of Aperçu is our mission to connect with creative individuals to foster meaningful networks and build new narratives. We partner selectively with the creators and entrepreneurs we admire to collaborate on the design of their own customized sunglass styles, complete with distinctive detailing and a personalized brand experience.

Our core silhouettes provide the point of departure for each partner to customize their own design process. The result is an ever-expanding range of possibilities for one-of-a-kind styles that channel each individual’s distinct point of view.

We celebrate diverse voices, personal histories, unique perspectives, and most of all, tireless efforts to make the world a better – and more beautiful place.

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