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Marie has a background in musical theatre and she loves being able to create or catch a feeling with her outfits. Marie's vision for the MARIE was a nostalgic 1980's inspired rectangle with a modern edge. The shape that made the final cut is slightly androgynous and a perfect balance to ultra-feminine looks.

Development Process

Marie's color palette was full of fresh, fruity colors and material selection felt like a trip to the candy store. She began with a mix of playful opaque pastel hues paired with light tonal lenses, then grounded her collection with two classics – a jet black and a juicy amber tortoise that pair well with any look.

Design Journey

Marie's fun-loving and eclectic style comes through in her images for the campaign, shot at Helgoland Beach House in Copenhagen for a truly Danish feel. For the final dose of playful design whimsy, she carried the juicy pastel theme into the packaging to create a full-on brand experience.