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What is it about sunglasses that makes them the perfect accessory for you to lend your creative aesthetic and name to?

The moment you have them in your hands you will see. Not only are the colors aesthetically fluid for anyone, but the shape, design and quality add a subtly bold look to any style from your wardrobe. In addition, sunglasses can be worn all year round anywhere and can instantly elevate a look. In a world of “fast fashion” quality many times is lost in translation. Just as we want to produce quality and meaningful content that will leave an impactful impression, APERÇU does the same.

Design Direction

Where did you take your inspiration for the two silhouettes?

We both know we wanted something classic that would translate for a lifetime. As sisters we are heavily inspired by the seventies, especially influenced by our Mother during those times who has impeccable style! TK’s face shape is oval/round while my face shape is oval. We wanted inclusive shapes that would be flattering for everyone. We envisioned intermixing vintage timeless colors, while TK conceptualized a classic oversized square and thin profile rectangle.

The Details

What is the meaning behind the Nail & Hammer? What do they represent?

Cipriana conceptualized the Nail & Hammer representing our advocacy for social justice issues and TK came up with the figurative meaning – we use these tools to build more hope, acceptance and kindness for a better world. Cipriana wanted to create a physical symbolization of taking ownership and doing your own part through your own unique creative process, inspired by Nina Simone’s words, “An artist’s duty, as far as I’m concerned, is to reflect the times.”

Campaign Photographer: @terrygates, Campaign Creative Direction & Styling: @ciprianaquann & @tk_wonder