Why did you want to partner with Aperçu on a sunwear collaboration?

I recently realized I had DM'ed the Aperçu team on IG back in 2022 once they launched their partnership with the Suarez sisters and I immediately thought ‘wow these are so cool I have to make one as well’. I don't know how and why but as soon as I saw those images I knew that I was going to do a capsule with them. Sunglasses are by far my fave accessories and so it felt like the most natural thing to work on a design.

Tell us how you approached the design process.

I love wearing super structured, clean, linear and rectangular-shaped sunglasses so I literally pull together a bunch of images (mostly of Bella Hadid’s outfits - her style reflected exactly my style!) and that's pretty much how I learned that it had to be a minimal rectangle. I mostly wear black sunglasses but I liked the idea of a white pair as well with darker lenses for contrast. The other colors are inspired by the colors you see in Italy in the summer just because they are nostalgic to me, in a good way of course.

Tell us about the significance of the color palette for you.

I think I'm getting to be a little bit more known for my advocacy in the mental health space so it only made sense for me to name the different styles based on emotions but in Italian (because I'm Italian) also the colors are kind of reminiscent of summer in Italy. I also call it ‘The Marni Palette’ as that brand and their colors were definitely on my mind while choosing the palette. So we have ‘Pace’ = Peace for the sky blue crystal, ‘Amore’ = Love for the burnt orange opaque, ‘Scuro’ = Dark for the polished black opaque, ‘Chiaro’ = Bright for the polished white opaque and ‘Speranza’ = Hope for the olive crystal.  I like the idea that anyone can wear whatever they want no matter what their sexual orientation, nationality, age, gender might be. I really like to apply this concept to everything in life, not just fashion and clothes, but the way we are with each other should be always be based on respect for one another and for other peoples choices in life.


What is your goal for this collaboration and what do you see in the future?

I definitely want to sell out! I know a lot of people love black and the white sunglasses but I'm excited to see how people receive the other colors as well. I’d definitely love to make this a continuous thing and to perhaps launch a collection number two. Maybe this could even turn into yearly drops and be part of my brand identity : ) 

How would you describe your approach to fashion and your personal style?

I wear what makes me feel like myself, confident and happy. I feel very unhappy and uncomfortable when I’m not wearing what I love; that’s why I truly think fashion and clothes should reflect our best self. I also sometimes I like to be a little bit provocative and out there with my outfit choices because it entertains me to see people’s reactions. I find that when you dare a little bit more people get inspired and want to try the same for themselves and that makes me feel good.

Tell us a bit about your background in fashion, acting, etc. How did you get into it all and what are you working on now?

I started working in fashion when I was 19 as a ghost writer for a journalist at Vanity Fair Italy and then after graduating in philosophy I moved to LA, went to a acting school and then starting getting into commercials, brand deals and campaigns. I'm finally proud to say I’ll be on a Netflix show coming out this Fall!!


Can you share a bit about what drives you, what keeps you motivated on any given day?

I like creating, I like staying productive and I get inspired by learning from people that do the same and more. I think it’s important to surround yourself with people that can push you, drive you forward and that care for your personal and professional growth.

Do you have any 'go-to' self-care rituals that help replenish your energy when it's getting low?

I like to spend good quality time by myself when I’m in need to recharge. I listen to soulful music, get a massage, meditate and work on my vision board where I add things monthly as my goals and aspirations change and grow.

Describe your perfect Saturday in Los Angeles.

Getting my nails done, breakfast at Joan’s, some light work out, and a night out, preferably disco night : )

What is the next vacation destination you're dreaming about?

I want to back to Tulum in November. I don’t like to go on vacation in the summer cause it’s too crowded everywhere. I like to go off season for more peaceful vibes.

What's on your bedside table right now?

Omg so much stuff! Nècessaire body lotion, a lighter, a Boy Smells candle, a brush for dry brushing, my friend Tea’s new book A Cigarette Lit Backwards, my rings, the SelfMade Self disclosure oil and my phone charger.

Do you have any older, fave pieces in your closet that you're looking forward to pulling out for the new Fall season?

I have these latex Stuart Weitzman black boots that I got a few years ago and I’m excited to wear them this winter. Also this RTA leopard coat that’ll never go out of style! 

What are your top 5 'must-haves' for Fall?

I want a crazy long leather coat, one of these funky faux fur bucket hats I’ve been seeing for a while and knee-high black leather docs.

Anyone or anything particularly inspiring you right now?

I love Bella Hadid a lot - her style, looks, vibe, attitude, very me!


August 18, 2022