Sunday, 9/19/21
Embassy of the Free Mind, Amsterdam NL

In the spirit of our shared values and exchanging reflections on our individual creative journeys we gathered an intimate group of talented women to celebrate Oumayma’s newest sunwear creations. Lunch in the late summer flower-filled garden was hosted by the incredible sister team of Amsterdam based Tabili who carefully considered every detail down to the delicate vases by Almondina Glass to create an inspirational experience for our guests. Marie Hugny flew in from Berlin to craft intricate tasting courses, each designed in harmony with Oumayma's color palette  - CACTUS, SUMAK, DUNE, NOUGAT and KOHL - and rose infused cocktails represented Oumayma's Moroccan heritage. 

Joy & Hannah van Geerestein of Tabili believe "the table is the center of a universe in which we seek our place, revolving like planets around the sun, drawn by the regularity of eating and the longing for company." For our celebration of Oumayma's sunwear they compiled an extensive research zine exploring our mutual love of travel to sun-soaked, exotic locations seeking new landscapes and experiences.

@tabili begins each gathering they host with the tradition of hand washing, a simple action serves as a greeting and personal exchange as we prepare for the ritual of enjoying a meal together. 

Oumayma shared her passion for accessories (especially sunglasses) and how her sleek angular silhouette is her own personal ode to her favorite decade, the 1990's. Her color palette and custom packaging design take cues from the breathtaking landscapes she's encountered in many destinations from Dubai to New York, from Miami to Zanzibar, from Amsterdam to Tanzania and beyond. 

"For you personally, what does seeking the sun imply?"

We asked our guests this question to ignite a conversation around why more and more people seem to be adopting a modern nomadic lifestyle and feeling 'at home' in many places. We questioned why we travel, especially to exotic sunny locations and what we are hoping to find there 🌞 . We included a discussion about the history and evolution of sunglasses in our modern lives as they are now an essential accessory for both self-expression in fashion and sun protection.  


We left that afternoon feeling ready to great the new season, revived and inspired by the energy and vision of each of the amazing creators at the table. Until the next time, here's to many sunny days ahead! 


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Hosted by @tab.ili, Food & Drinks by @hugnymariecooks, Images by @arindymelati & a special thanks to @silkstudio__

Guests: @jacquelinegiannakos, @welikebali, @love_aesthetics, @simonesniekers, @khaoulaboumeshouli, @himmih_, @meryemsfirst, @luca.kne

September 29, 2021