Our very first design partner, Laurence Fortin-Côté, is making a return with her elevated '60s-inspired oval silhouette. Everything about this capsule brings forth that polished, feminine cool-girl feel— which Laurence has mastered with her own personal style. Though an oval frame is as classic and flattering on most face shapes (see The Face Shape Blueprint), the Laurence 02 brings a mod take with its' lightweight feel and prominent brow-line. Designed with the intention of being the pair you bring with you everywhere, Laurence chose a minimally chic palette of ivoire, ébène, and ambre to create an enhancing addition for every outfit.


 We decided to catch up with Laurence to talk all things 02, the fashion advice she's living by, on-the-go makeup tips, self care days, and more! So, here's the scoop:

What was your biggest inspiration when developing the design? How did you decide on the shape and color palette?

I wanted to create a design that was timeless and classic, inspired by my favorite pairs of vintage sunglasses. I love an oval shape and I think it looks good on everyone – I wanted to create a style that was versatile enough to wear everyday and elevate any look!

What style era are you most inspired by right now? 

My favorite era in fashion is by far the '60s. I think there is something so chic about the style of that time! I also love the minimalism of the '90s.

This oval silhouette is not like the others– what makes this one stand out? What makes you reach towards these every day?

This style makes every look more sophisticated. I love how feminine this shape is and how I always feel more put together when I wear them!

We know it’s difficult to choose just one within your 02 collection, but if you had to wear one pair every day, which one would it be and why?

I would have to say the 'Ébène' from my second collection. I love a black pair of sunglasses because they just go with everything!

Tell us a little bit more about why you need both Laurence 01 and Laurence 02 sunnies in your collection?

They're totally different, which is what I love about them! I think both are quite complementary and can be worn many different ways. I love the first collection when I want to make more of a statement with my look and the second one for a more subtle & chic final touch!

What’s your favorite way to style the Laurence 02 frames? 

I think this style of sunglasses really goes with everything. I, personally, love wearing them with simple and sophisticated looks, it adds the perfect elegant touch to complete the look.

What are your purse essentials at the moment?

I always carry with me some hand cream, my favorite nude lipstick and lip liner combo, a compact powder and of course my Aperçu sunglasses!

Who were the Laurence 02 sunglasses created for? 

The effortless & chic woman who keeps her looks simple yet elegant!

If you could go to dinner with any icon– living or dead– who would it be and why?

Audrey Hepburn, my forever icon. She embodies everything  I aspire to be!

What are some of your favorite trends you’re leaning into this summer?

I'm not one to lean into many trends. I love to wear pieces that can be worn over and over again or that have a special meaning to me. I love to mix high-end pieces with second-hand finds – it always makes an outfit feel more unique and personal, which I love.

What’s a piece of fashion advice you’d give to your younger self? 

Wear what makes you happy! I used to spend so much time trying to fit in and wear what I thought I was supposed to – In the end, it’s all about feeling good and being confident in your choices! Style should be unique to you and feel personal, don’t overthink it.

What’s your go-to beauty tip to get that effortless, French girl look?

A minimal makeup look with more of a statement on the lips! I love to add a bolder colored lipstick with my fingers for the perfect, effortless “bouche mordue” effect.

Could you tell us a hidden talent of yours that many wouldn’t suspect upon meeting you? 

I played the piano from the very early age and still love to play today –  I also used to be a ballet dancer up until I was 18 years old.


What’s your best-ever thrift find?

My vintage 1994 Chanel jacket – I purchased it when I completed my Masters Degree in fashion, and I specifically chose it because it was from the year I was born.

Describe your ideal self-care day.

A peaceful breakfast with my husband followed by a long walk in the park, plenty of time to read my favorite book and, of course, a lovely home cooked dinner followed by a long hot bath.

We're beyond thrilled to be adding another silhouette to Laurence's capsule and we can't wait to see how everyone styles this effortless oval in their own unique way! Be sure to tag us on IG @apercueyewear when you post your outfit pics so we can share the chicness. 🖤
July 11, 2024