Just like a great hairstyle, sunglasses have the ability to completely transform your look and showcase your personality without having to say a word. Certain styles may be better suited for a specific face shape, so we wanted to provide a little blueprint to help guide you in finding the perfect frame that highlights your lovely features. That being said, this is just conventional wisdom that you can either take or leave—  we always encourage you to wear what you feel incredible in. And if you're in the market for buying a gift for a fashionable friend, consider this a point of departure for picking their ideal frame shape! 

Heart Face Shape

For those who have a wider forehead that comes down to an angular "V" at the chin, the recommendation is an oval or round frame shape. The softer curves of these sunnies provide a nice contrast against high cheek bones and angular jawlines. A Wayfarer shape, like our Clemence, could also work well as the width of the frames provides balance while the slightly rounded base draws attention to the eyes. 

Square Face Shape

Who said squares had to be boring?! Those who have a forehead, cheekbones and a jawline that are all equal width have a great canvas for large, rounded frames that soften the lines. Extra points go to those who try out an elongated Cat-Eye, similar to our Suarez II, to create a harmony between strong facial features and the soft feminine silhouette.  

Oval Face Shape

An oval face shape is longer than it is wide, making prominent cheekbones the widest feature of the face. Having a slightly rounded chin can help to pull off wearing large, oversized square frames—  plus, there's no worry that the sunnies will overpower other charming features. Rectangular sunnies, like our Claire Rose, are also well-loved for helping break up longer face shapes while also providing a little angle and intrigue to every look. 

Diamond Face Shape 

Similar to the heart, a diamond face shape has high cheekbones and a pointed chin. This face has full cheeks and a narrow forehead and jawline, creating the illusion of the sculpted gem. In order to get a balanced look, we would recommend trying out a rounded frame with a strong brow-line or even a delicate Cat-Eye, like our Le Chat shape. This silhouette puts emphasis on the eyes without over accentuating the bold features of a diamond face shape.

Round Face Shape

Like an oval shape, the round face shape's cheekbones would be the widest part of the face, but features soft curves and fuller cheeks. Rectangular and square frames typically add the most contrast and makes the curved characteristics appear longer and balanced. Our Moore sunnies would be the perfect pair for a round face, adding in some distinct lines while placing the focus solely on the eyes. 

As we've mentioned above, these are all just suggestions to best balance out the five most-common face shapes. Leaving room for other shapes not mentioned as well as personal style preference, we want to emphasize that finding the perfect frames for you is not always so black and white. However —  we do believe that this blueprint as well as our Style Guide can help you start your electrifying (and personalized) adventure into the world of eyewear! Enjoy the process and please be sure to tag us on IG (@apercueyewear) so we can see the finished product. 


Bisoux 💋
- The Aperçu Team
November 21, 2023