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What does ‘Sample’ mean?
Our ‘Samples’ are NEW sunglasses that our strict quality control deemed slightly imperfect.

Please note: imperfections are very small and do NOT affect the overall quality, lens acuity or the look & fit of the frame.

All sales are final. Quantities are limited.

Do the frames ship with packaging?
All Sample Sale purchases ship with full packaging specific to each collection.

Why are the prices different by style/color?
Quantities are limited and we price according to how many pieces we have available.

Will new items be added over the course of the sale?
No, once all the samples in a specific style/color are sold out - they’re gone!

Can I return or exchange a SAMPLE SALE item?
No. All sales are final during our Sample Sale.

What will US shipping cost?
US shipping is FREE via USPS.

What will International Shipping cost?
International shipping is $20.00 on all shipments delivered by DHL Worldwide Express.

When will the next SAMPLE SALE be?
If this inaugural Sample Sale goes well we may make this an annual event so please stay tuned!

Please email us with any additional questions at hello@apercueyewear.com