Summer '21: Essentials

We partnered with the incredibly talented Sarika Thakorlal to style, direct, produce, edit and star in our Summer Essentials videos.

Our Essentials collection is the backbone of the Aperçu philosophy and embodies our commitment to beauty in simplicity. Our design approach also includes a nod to that effortless French aesthetic that simply never goes out of style.

About Sarika

Sarika is a multi-talented digital creator based in Cheltenham and London and has worked with amazing brands such as Daisy London, Glossier and Swedish Stockings, just to name a few.

She specializes in jewelry photography and so (lucky for us!) the scale of eyewear was right up her alley. We’re huge fans of her effortlessly elegant style and can’t wait for our next project together.

Check out her work @sarikathakorlal or