Throughout the last few years, there's been a growing shift in the fashion influencer space. Being a tastemaker often means having a strong visual aesthetic, one that's similarly appreciated in the fashion design world. While the creativity and drive that can help to launch an influencer's success don't always translate to being a good designer, for some, like Alyssa Coscarelli (better known by her Instagram handle @alyssainthecity), it can. With 307,000 followers to date, it's clear there's a good deal of social media users who share in her creative vision, or at the very least, find it inspiring.

For her latest endeavor, Coscarelli teamed up with Aperçu, a luxury sunglasses brand whose specialty includes partnering with internet cool girls to create playful acetate designs. Together, they've dreamed up a capsule collection of retro-inspired frames that manages to perfectly sum up Coscarelli's approach to her personal style.

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May 13, 2020