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intemporelle et classique

Restocked 4 Summer

show your true colors

Emnitta X APERÇU

go big or go home

Laurence x APERÇU

Emnitta X APERÇU

color & charme

Emna Sellimi is known for her rich imagery and bold use of saturated color. Her vintage-inspired silhouette conjures images of luxe destinations.

forever sunnies

Aperçu Essentials

These are sunglasses ready for a long-term relationship. Our essentials are designed to be that 'go-to' pair that mixes well with any wardrobe. Throw them on to polish any look with chic nonchalance no matter what the season.


Aperçu X Creators We Love

The heart of Aperçu is to nurture creative expression. To this end, we partner with creators we admire to bring to life their dream sunglasses, each with their own distinctly personal statement.